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CS 1.6 Gungame Server

My lovely counter strike 1.6 gungame server, this is the best gungame server in the world, i am gungame player from first gungame servers times, may no need complicated configurations for this mod and many different plugins that creat a gungame server but some small details add great differences, rise up  server qulity and gameplay fun. What is your damage that after your succesful hit to competitor “Advanced Bullet Damage ” with plugin and team semi clip that stops player block,  map time left Hud message, spectator chat visible and those like small detail. Server protection and security addons and plugins, keeps upto date and reduce cheaters activity and join. Another important factor for a cs 1.6 gungame server, hi-quality and popular maps, choosen best maps and there is no boring map present that effect players negative and make server boring.

Competition and brutal mod, could be simple definition of cs 1.6 gungame, small scale maps give more action chance to players, whoever do not like to play classic counter strike 1.6 or find boring, choose to play gungame, mostly prefer from Russian and Balkan players, may they are more competitive players.

Fight in the short distance, mostly you have less than 1 second for reaction, here is almost end of map great action moments, the last step is knife level and move a small hall under fire not to easy.
cs 1.6 gungame server, fight yard map action, granade throwing scene and hard action

Counter Strike 1.6 gungame mod definition
Cs 1.6 gungame a level base mod, short description “level-up” mod each levels define with next gun and level up gun (change) needs minimum kill and this count depends server config, 2-5 kills using in the different servers and configuration desicion belongs to server manager. Fast gun upgrade or change possible with one knife kill, this mean you have been stole a level from opponent player, so we understand kill some one with know you get next gun or vice versa, if some one kills you with know you loose level and your gun level down (down-grade) this game base classic deathmatch mod but guns not to stay same as deathmatch also map time only finish when a player win the game, this mean one player completed all levels of mission. If server uses small map like fight-yard or classic gungame (gg_) maps avarage play time takes 15-20 minutes with non standart maps like de_dust2 or de_aztec or the other big maps play time can be up to 60 minutes.

Cs 1.6 gungame mod “gun categories”
First Gun Glock, the other pistols follow it, usp45, sig p228, desert eagle 50AE “aka known DEAGLE 50” ES-FN five seven, dual elites “beretta 96G”

*Shotguns and automatic pistols (SMG submachine guns)
Shotgun Leone 12 Gauge Super, Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun, Schmidt Machine Pistol, Ingram MAC-10, MP5 “KM Sub-Machine Gun”, MP5 Navy “KM UMP45”, FN p90 “ES C90”

*Rifles (Assault rifles)
MA41 “Maverick M4A1 Carbine” Famas “IDF Defender”, Clarion 5.56, Bullpup “Steyr Aug-simple visor and zoom”, SG 552 “Krieg 552 Commando”

*Sniper rifles
Schmidt Scout “Steyr Scout”, Magnum Sniper Rifle “aka AWP”, G3-SG-1 Sniper Rifle “Semi-auto”, SG-550 Sniper

CS 1.6 Gungame Gameplay End Map and Winner
With new map start first action is warm-up, usually this attraction happens arround 30 seconds and gungame start and for all player glock on the hand, this is face to face fight with enemy team, higly massive action, hi tension and mostly movement not to easy under crossfire, die too easy but also fast respawn uses with gungame mod.
Gun-Game, game race game and race for lelvel-up, hardcore action, fight yard arena team vs team competition, teams figt but only one man or girl win and finalise map in the game and change for next map.

Counter Strike 1.6 Gungame Gameplay Mods
Classic cs 1.6 gungame mod plays partly individual, cause with this mod only one player can be winner, each layer choose a team yes and friendly fire be active and you can not damage your team mates (only exception some servers activate “friendly fire” at the last 2 level) another classic cs 1.6 rewers gungame mod, at the this mod all options same only guns row start from stronger to pistols and when all levels done again one player win.

Cs 1.6 team gungame, this mod is real team play gungame, 2 teams race for win and at the end of map 1 team is winner, with team mod in the one team level up gun together or level down together, number of kills add to team pool and when kill limit count be done all team gun change to next gun. I am not just favorite of team gungame yes, can play and still gungame but i am old school gungamer and i like classic gungame mod, there is in the gametracker lists whoever wants can find a team gungame server ip.

Counter strike 1.6 gungame open are fight, mentally if you are not ready to play gungame, you will not like to play for it, gungame mod needs good consantration, hand-eye coordination, fast reaction and soul of fighter, if you do not have challenge skill and ability having no fun with this game. Major group of player prefer classic style cs 1.6, yes it plays with less stress and for most players this game play with talk. As the server title said, this a hi-tension game, even if will play a game i want to enter any action with fast way and i never like to wait after die and watch the others. this is counter strike 1.6 gungame, man game and my game. I have a good quality gungame server here is another game play moment take a look  to image below.

No place to hide, just center of the action, after the respawn you have too less time to give answer to your competitors, respawn and choose a target point and fire you have only seconds and mostly less than one second, are you enough good, you like to challenge, you need to have a war plane pilot reflex, otherwise you fall back from others and loose the race. 1hp map an exception becaue no walls in the somewhere or a secure point to hide and good sample for cs 1.6 gungame server.
counter strike 1.6 gungame server, very hard action under crossfire, game map 1hp

Counter Strike 1.6 server, map change need a winner but to be winner not to easy even if you reached only knife level that it is last level of game mission, you have no defens with a gun even pistol protection just move and try to find an enemy for knifing, at the this point adrenaline rise the top cause you almost win but need the last knife hit but also you are an open target without any gun protection, rush and suprise attack is your strategy.…

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