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Counter Strike 1.6 Download, Cs 1.6 Servers

Here you found  Counter Strike cs 1.6 download setup.exe link pack,  this download no fake like most web site just, real http link with fast download cs 1.6 , we dont have any torrent file or magnet link this is the most secure way whoever search for csdownload, official Rebel Uprising Clan version counter strike 1.6 download link, it made and repack by ZogisT, support both p47 and 48 protocols,  compatible with all non steam servers, until now downloaded thousands time and you can use securly.  It come with complete maps package, totaly free version game since 2003  and also most fun mod files, models and skins, half life and hlds included and  MasterServers.vdf comes default. If you want alternative version counter strike, visit our forum and see cs 1.6 download with bots versions, mostly players ask, i want counter strike 1.6 download link but need working bots, so do not ask why bots versions we share, requirements different for each players, some of them wants excercise and the others want to learn more things about the game for example how to add plugins to cs 1.6 game or how to use plugins and practice with plugins and mods, you want to be server manager the other server managers do not hesitate to download this free version game counter strike 1.6

The other alternative version, download counter strike 1.6 with bots

Counter Strike  1.6 download with BOTS

cs 1.6 download, counter strike 1.6 download, csdownload

cs 1.6 download, counter strike 1.6 download free and play online games

it comes with CSDM addons, deatmatch mod might be better than the standart version counter strike 1.6, because you dont wait after dead, good practice way vs bots that who start to play cs 1.6 first time, well known classic maps already has potbot waypoints also i have been added some extra, if you have future plans and own your servers, already you find amx mod x and dproto, my advice first strat to add some basic plugins for test, especially gungame mod more easy and simple than other counter strike 1.6 game mod when i was started to test some plugins i tried for gungame server and next step had been zombie plague mod but zombie mod for me most difficut, my advice again start with parachute plugin or wpn-minigun, here link  and dont forget this version only for practice, you need to more study for some fix and security problems.

here some of plugin list that come with cs 1.6 Deatmatch mod (csdm)


What is the benefit of  clan base version counter strike 1.6, firstly trustable and clean, cause our versions downloaded until now thousands times and many players using it without problem (first release year 2011) time to time we release new versions and fixing it with new updates and files, it was created with orginal cs 1.6 v7.0  (steam rip orginal version) and integreted v23 non steam patch so no need to search for 2 different links and try to download and install two jobs. We share only one single setup also alternative cs 1.6 versions with setup or installed ziped (archive) alternatives whoever demand more options for game play also develop him for game server creation can choose releated game download. We release only with bots version with rar archive, game would be ready after unrar, that depend what you demand only a simple player or also server management and plugin tester.

Extra maps and mods, with our releases you find many different extra maps, other standart setups come with default maps , may be most servers has fast-download option but wait for every map also if player likes to play different mods wait for download can be boring and time lost, also with this way players do not live duplicated map problem cause some maps have same name but they can be different so when player try to connect a server can get connection error like, client side has different map than server. By the way if you want to choose to play in the our servers you never live this like problems. Counter Strike 1.6 mods and files also added like models, sonds and sprites and also some special extras that ultimate sound (killstreak), unfortunately some server manager edit or change model or sound name but default game mod files already present with our releases… gungame and zombie plague 4.3 and Deathrun etc.

Clean version, if you live slow-hack problem for a reason that most servers appling slow hack and they edit client side files or upload dll files, game menu edit-change, auto server join-rejoin, config.cfg change-edit most known slow hack methods and for me always boring things also their setup make change operation system registry files or auto block to join some server or sometimes web sites to, we do not have those dirty ways and we hate cheaters so i use default config applier for client side and also who wants to use cheat keys auto quit from server so our version customisable and players can add their favorite servers or delete from server list. Shortly who start to be boring those unwanted edits and also slow hacks, can install our clean version, also we share v23 patch and usually fix problems like server join (or sXe) problems but my advice one time download and install be better, also instead of install over current broken game, apply clean new install after full uninstall would be better.

Counter strike 1.6 download with bots and zombie mod

Cs 1.6 download also with zombie mod present, so we have various release and they come with bots each different mod and i am planing to add new mods with bots, some old versions renew and added  extras also some updates and fixes, more maps added and more map comes with bots, so you find more podbot waypoints, client.dll and hl.dll updated with new versions.  Versions with bots full working single game (cs 1.6 protocol v48) but also helpful for new server managers, avaliable to test for new plugins and some practice for server management and personalise you game server, amx modx and meta mod already tested and installed so only need to find new ideas for you server. Compile some new plugins and creat your style and compile new sma codes first steps for ever new starters who ever own a new cs 1.6 server. when use bot versions my advice apply map change with am command or admin rigts otherwise some bugs happen so i cant give any varanty and most plugins that you will find in the addons directry only for practice and you need to search for better reasult and versions. Finally i have had used orginal ZCP versin for me one of best non steam cs 1.6, if you do not want to use or no trust and exe file you can creat bat (bach) just open a txt file and add this command line (start hl.exe -steam -game cstrike) and change extension to bat and run game with this way. Server manager or only simple player nothing change, some practice with bots always be good develop for yourself. This version i also strongly recomend to cyber (internet) cafes, if there is only limited player some bots with real player on LAN game make the game more funny and interesting, also bot dificulty level not less than a pro human player that be good for competitive players.

CS 1.6 Server list, if you do not know how to find and add server or you do not like search, here a ready server list already coming with this version, fast connect present in the main game menu also players can see server list with “find servers” Tab here many option for almost every mod (include half-life) and you only choose what mod that you like… our servers offer best fun and game play plesure, fast download present for every server,  especially counter strike 1.6 zombie plague mod is my advice, simple game play, great balance, many orginal and different items most plugins made by our coder team you cant see some specials in the other servers some standart guns also items like golden ak-47 and golden deagle, WPN Minigun, and our specials plague mod with more than one nemesis and survivors, antidote bomb, shield force, immunity (God Mod) time present (free ammo for every 15 min playtime and more, my another advice gungame server, old school and style, Zogist clan base (aka ZogisTR) and also some colors Moruk Gaming and  with most lovely maps and we have free for all pro public server and other Deathmatch mods too, aldready i have game server management experince more than 8 years and i try to give best. Our admin team most of them with us from many year and if you belive admin did mistake you can deman unban in the clan forum (link already present at the top of page for forum just find releated unban section) and we always accept new admins that who prove himself-herself that deserv to be admin. Here i also share serverbrowser.vdf file with link.

Download Serverbrowser

fully working cs 1.6 server browser list
cs16 server browser fixed list with details

Operating system compabilty, unfortunately most player living problem with windows 8 OS after counter strike non-steam installation, there is many  video on youtube and also help quide but there is no real solution and same problems present for windows 10 to, i use classic non steam protocol v47 with my laptop and installed win8 and i live zero problem (already i have my orginal steam and sure it works without problem) apply the base rules sure all will be done like run cs 1.6 with admin privileges  and also compablity mod and other permissions for DEP  (data execution prevention) permisions to, whoever download our protocol 47 version, never live game start problem.

CS 1.6 Version Installation Specials and Features

*Clean cs16 version and fast installation and zero problem with every Operating system (Windows 8 or 10) but if you do not want to try with admin permissions and also with other configs, my advice just try p47 (protocol 47) version, you find releated link bottom of the page.
*Ready to online play and also LAN party to (with wireless connection or direct cable connection like cyber cafes) with friends
*include Half-Life (only crossfiremap)
*Just deafult menus and guis
*Special background theme with cs 1.6 classic versions
*Podbot version v3B22 (only come with bot versions)
*Less than 300 Mb
*Ready to use dual protocol and dproto for single server
*Latest stable game-engine (build 4554)
*Revolution emulator 9.8.1 (if you want to test it as a real game server, do not forget to update dproto version, follow the security updates)
*No 3th party adsens and working personal server list and master servers (no adsense but you find community server on the internet browser list and also top of commandmenu)
*More cs 1.6 maps and also more maps with different mod
*Fixed favorite list refresh problem
*HLTV working (optional)
*Lan game ability and performance tested with internet cafe (4 vs 4 clan war match)
*Time to time new updates and fixes release so all renews apply to current versions, be sure they are secure and updated.

System Requirements and Advices
Minimum 2 Gb. ram for Windows XP users, 4 Gb ram for Vista and Windows 7 users and 8 Giga ram or more for windows 8-10 users this is an old game and no need a super vga card even it works with onboard systems but my advice minimum 9800 GT or equivalent vga card also i have had good result with my old system and it has only 9600 GT another important factor a good mouse with hi-sensitivity, multi core CPUs preferable but also cs 1.6 works with any sigle core Cpu by the way higher frequency effects to frame rates (fps) in the game play. Another important point PC stability, be sure you have a clean system without any virus problem also when you play keep close unvanted all programs like chat chat programs or the other idle system services (check your system servies and open task Manager, all open an active services and programs can be reason for unwanted hdd activity and that effects your game performance.programs like internet browsers and passive system services and anything else releated with that will use your internet bandwith like updaters, helper services and internet news services. Be sure you have enough HDD space.

Counter Strike History With Timeline

Begining of Online Games, beetwen 1995-2000 years personal computers started to enter every home, even mutimedia was an exception and luxury, 2X cd rom and Creative sound blaster multimedia pack price with arround 200 $ MS-Dos game times and pc-modems was using for data transfer and send-recive fax, about year 2000 fist 3D game started to release like Quake, date not much far from wolfenstein 3d and fist doom (1994) and cpu power reached upto 500 Mhz and real 3D games possible with AGP 4X or 8X video cards. First Cyber Cafes started to see at the streets and also internet for every home.
First Half-Life release date late 1998 almost beginig of 1999 oflline missions half life was great also multiplayer mod with LAN party (game) not much time passed and some game fanatic also coders seen an opportunity with this game if appy mod, so Counter-Strike (officially calls shortly as CS at public) is a series of multiplayer first-person shooter video games, in which teams of terrorists and counter-terrorists battle for fun, there is main idea team versus team war better than solo game and statisfaction and fun better to, perpetrate an act of terror (bombing, hostage-taking) and prevent it (bomb defusal, hostage rescue). The series began on Windows in 1999 with the first version of Counter-Strike. It was initially released as a modification for Half-Life and designed by Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jess “Cliffe” Cliffe, first counter strike (it calls cs 1.5) released with patch version and it was need installed Half-life 1 game. Frist the rights to the game’s intellectual property were acquired by Valve Corporation, the developers of Half-Life. Here is more library information about CS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counter-Strike

The game was followed-up with Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, developed by Turtle Rock Studios and released in 2004 but too late for campain base update-upgrade and, Condition-Zero a well known campain base Counter strike development, first page release version 1.0 and finally after some beta release, version 1.5 ready to play in the internet cafes, even counter strike became popular with Cyber cafe LAN parties. Finally year 2003 and counter strike 1.6 anounced and released but for home users needed to some time because of internet connection speed, usuall speed 128 KB. and still not enough for staisfied game play avarage with 500 KB speed

Later that same year, Counter-Strike: Source was released by Valve. Released only eight months after Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, in November 2004, the game was a remake of the original Counter-Strike and the first in the series to run on Valve’s newly created Source engine.

The fourth game in the main series to have been developed by Valve, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, was released in 2012 for Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Hidden Path Entertainment, who also worked on Counter-Strike: Source post-release, helped to develop the game alongside Valve. There have been several community made “spin off” titles created over the years.

Counter Strike 1.6 Gameplay, Mods-Tips-Tricks-Missions

Classic game play, aka public servers,  C4 deffuse mission de_ (deffuse) best sample for this de_dust2 maps type of CS 1.6 game maps, for a certain period of time (time is determined by the server on which you play developer or server administration) terrorist’s team must reach the place where they can plant and activate C4 explosive bomb, if the terrorist’s successfully plant’s the bomb, then the police (Counter-Terrorist’s) team must to defuse the bomb or members of police team must to kill all of the enemies team members. Terrorist, who successfully plant bomb (C4) on A or B plant and defuse successfully explodes, receive 3 personal point’s of the game, Counter-Terrorist, who successfully defuse bomb (C4) receive 3 personal points of the game too. Some maps de_dust or de_dust2 using by also some other mods of game like gungame or Furien mod.

Another type of mission base map hostage rescue mod, playing CS_ type of CS 1.6 game maps, policemen (Counter-Terrorist’s) team for a certain period of time must to escape hostages from a terrorists team (come to a place where standing hostages, access any of the hostages individually, press the E key, and lead all of the hostages to the rescue zone) or members of a team must kill all of the enemies team members. For each of the first touch of the hostages, the member of CT’s team will get 150 dollars, also receives a certain amount of dollars for a successful hostages rescue.

When playing AS_ type of CS 1.6 game maps best known as type map as_orling, game engine just randomly select one player of CT’s team, this lucky player get’s VIP status (Player, who get’s the VIP status, have a 100HP, 200 ARMOR and the default gun of CT’s (Counter-Terrorist’s) team – a pistol USP (VIP member can’t buy other weapons)), all members of the CT’s team must protect their VIP member and help him to escape to the rescue zone, if the police (Counter-Terrorist’s team) fail to do it on a certain period of time or terrorist team member kills the VIP member, the round will over, the terrorists wins the match and terrorists team gets one point of the game.

When playing AIM_, FY_ or DM_ type of CS 1.6 game maps, the main objective of the CS 1.6 game is to kill all of the enemies team member’s. In cs 1.6 game, one of any member of the enemie’s team (player) kill guarantees a personal point of the game

Counter Strike Update History and Changes

For Counter Strike Encyclopedia and wiki definision explains first release date “November 8, 2000

” but only the limited and lucky testers experinced the first betas, only some minor groups have had broad band or cable internet and most people was using 56 K. old fashion dail-up modems, it was a 1.0 retail release and came with dedicate server option, no suprise already it was a half life 1 mod and allows to up to 32 players online multiplayer game, finally base mod owner Valve was finally noticed this is a uniq game and has a future in the multiplayer game arena. Major group of players never experinced beta period and finally public release of counter strike called with 1.5 number development and bug fix period  has been countinou during 1.5 years  and a replica game was come with a siple patch and also totaly “free” visiual bug, HLTV problems, model bugs, alternative GUI, player side consol command, server side consol commands, Vga card optimisations, minor optimisations and change for game play here is ful lists bellow

  • Restored mp_fadetoblack server variable.
  • Fixed incorrect WonID logging.
  • Fixed sv_allowdownload being required to be set to 1 for clients to connect to secure servers.
  • Fixed ‘bad address type’ fatal error on servers that attempt to run in secure mode but have no DNS resolution.
  • Fixed DropClient messages for Steam clients who were banned or have a duplicate Steam ID to properly show the SteamID of the client.
  • Fixed HLTV reporting wrong spectator numbers if connection to server was pending.
  • Fixed multicast 1 not working if it was issued before HLTV connected to game server.
  • Fixed relay proxies reporting wrong spectator/slots numbers in multiplayer/LAN menu.
  • Fixed rcon bug in HLTV.
  • Fixed delay being reset to default value during changelevel.
  • Fixed a problem with propagating HLTV banners.
  • Fixed client freeze on exit.
  • Fixed framerate problem on some ATI video cards.
  • Fixed MaxPing filter not being saved correctly.
  • Fixed sky box bug.
  • Fixed bug using exec <filename> on large files (e.g. banned.cfg)

more for interface change

  • Added logging of the anti-cheat system catching and kicking detected cheats.
  • Added logging of kick commands.
  • Added logging of banid commands.
  • Changed error message if clients try to download missing resources to be more helpful.
  • Added new debug message for mod makers if a packet couldn’t be parsed correctly.
  • Added sv_logbans to turn the logging of player bans on and off. Default is 0 (off).

Those changes for most players has mean nothing this game was playing only in the ” internet cafe” and i have been one of them at the that times, players was playing mostly de_dust map also my favorite game is de_nuke and also cs_assault was another popular map but i had never like camp maps cause of players stay in the base and mostly hide and camping. Good and pro player mostly was prefer MP5 gun and still players newbie for this game, they mostly prefer G3-SG1 most popular gun for them cause zoom from far and kill competitors more easy with a long distance focus gun, AWP was also popular “one shot one kill” players if you have better skill, might need some exercise with offline bots for better hand eye coordination .

Finally Counter Strike 1.6 Times End Of The Road For Half Life 1 Engine

Counter Strike 1.6 Tactical Strategy and Gameplay Guide
This is not only shot ’em up game or kill them all, for most beginers first cs 1.6 test start with a bad experince, mostly they first fallan units, die first, this make them irritate, human nature all want win, at the that point this new player arrive to parting of the ways, can choose easy way that start to cheat or can try for more game experince. There is looks 2 team but is it team game, sure they defend each others and tea mates but msot part of game individual and “free for all” tabel (score board) shows personal kill and dead results top 3 players of the game time or top15 players the all time score always important there is personal statisfaction present. No one say i dead when defending some ones from my team. Move togetger team or stick to gether, all deahts are solo.

* Player Profiles:
– Newbies, notice them to easy, mostly they die in the first minute, but they thinking that counter strike for tough guys and machos, so they want to prove theirself.
– Rush boys, kind of kamikaze players, i am part of this categorymove forvard and dive to battle area first and try to kill some ones in the seconds and die. This player type count, hot and hyperactive players. probably they are same in the real life too.
– Anxious, camper players, always 1-2 players broken gameplay fun even unwritten rules, they do not move easy and they hide more than play, mostly they choose a secure point to hide and camp or do not move from spawn point , they only can kill some one from back and that player profile do not love by others.
– Well experinced, leery players, that player category follow the main game rulles, they try to play secure that they know danger points, their steps slow down near corners and usual known camp points.

*Counter Strike 1.6 professional gameplay guide, way of the warrior

First choose your guns, equipments and favorite items

Do not move solo, follow a team and most maps have 2 routes to hot points like de_dust2

Choose a secure point for yourself, back of a box or a corner that near edge, do not forget at the begining oppenents always can throw a “He Granade” or Flashbang do do not find yourself in a defendless position. Stay secure do not mean you will camp or hide but be ready for a fast reaction may the other team can do a rush attack.

Keep open your wisiblity and if no action or reaction from other team wait some, if your team members move, move together with them or if fight started, try your chance from a long distance.

If you still alive and and there is not much player for chalange do not move fast or run for search for enemies, use “w +shift” key combination try to be silent cause may your competitors using head phone.

Always use headphone, no need to buy an expensive one but with a googd qulity sound avarage price, if you play last man standing mod, like 2 vs 2, 2 vs 3 or 1 vs 2, headphone help you much that detect enemy movements, so you can understand they are close or far or just coming to your position.

Free Counter Strike 1.6 download and legalty problems, why need orginal game

Almost from the begining, find free release of counter strike 1.6 download was possible and present day still same, people can find many non-steam cs 1.6 release and most of them real and legit, so why they share their release, answer is so simple when a player got download cs 1.6 release from a group or community, after installation find their server list in the game menu or server list, nowadays cs 1.6 servers not to popular enough like old times, gametracker server list shows almost 9000 active servers but most of them are fake,  only first 1000 servers have prety nice count player and the others live less player problem and they do not have much online players so this been competition reason for game server hostings and the other game server owners and those server almost all non steam, now orginal cs 1.6 game almost one hamburger money even bundle of another game but still % 99 counter strike server using dproto and say wellcome to non steam game user players.

Lets look to titles and analise the cs 1.6 problems;

Counter Strike 1.6 and Game is free mind and mentality

i remember first counter strike releases Russian base shares and find them with ftp links  was too easy, game forums and social forums shared them easy and since 2007, counter strike releated shares always find interest and attracted especial young kids and players and it was easiest material to share in the forums without any efford, share them and find new forum members, and get hit and traffic  with releated forum post and titles same as cs 1.6 releated cheat shares like aim bot, wall hack, multi hack, counter strike 1.6 config, aim config, strafe hack and configs, those releated forum thread sections even social forums has been allowed those kind realeted file shares reason of hi-interest even they made their hard rules more flexible for cs 1.6 releted shares. I had seen in the a forum only a wall hack share had gotten 100.000 hit in the one year. this was free game times and most people was …

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