cs 1.6 download with bots

How to counter strike 1.6 download with bots and make them working also with way points and creat a personal cs 1.6 server with bots and test your server, here i explain all those answers. This is a ready pack and no need for efford, just one single installation and then ready to build server and alsoo online-offline LAN game with other players, if you do not have enough players you can add some bots that depends your computer cpu force. Some files are updated to latest version but if you want a real server side installation, check security change logs for dproto and update history for exploits and download latest version.

How to start cs 1.6 server with bots
You have 2 options to creat server, just start cs 1.6 and open main game menu choose new game tab and a map name, mostly de_dust2 best chooice for new start or practice, so you server ready, if you have a real cable hub that connect to one or more computer with cable connection the other players can connect your server, the second way hlds dedicate server, run simple program and choose a map after the touch start button your server ready again, management easy to use with this interface, also use consol and commands all with windows system., dedicated do not offer also play with it same time, my advice run it an old solo pc and play with another pc.


download cs 1.6 with bots


CS 1.6 Bot Version Info

Full playable game, orginal steam riped

Support old non steam protocol 47 servers and also p48 just dual protocol

Include addons with mod support

Amx mod X 1.81 version 48/ 4554 secure  (10)

MetaMod v1.21p37

PodBot vB322c

Deathmatch Plugins, CSDM mod

Can start HLDS dedicate server or new game section, bots are active with both, if you choose new game for personal server, it is just same cration method how players play Lan game in the Cyber Cafes.

Releated video with cs  1.6 download with bots (this one comes with CSDM)


How To Use This Bot version CS 1.6 After Download
This normal and classic full version cs 1.6 only special point with this release , a working addon that it has amx mod x, metamod, dproto and Podbot latest release. All founctions same with this version the other counter strike 1.6 game, you can choose any cs 1.6 server for play.

Counter Strike 1.6 with bots usage for management