cs 1.6 zombie server

Cs 1.6 zombie plague mod server most know and popular server mod, prefer and play by young players also big boys and girls to, we proudly present our zombie plague mod server active from many years and offers best fun to zombie mod lover’s player, there is many efford for development and optimisation, great memories with 32/32 full server times, revulotioanry game style many different optimisation, new ideas and optimised founctions, some new ideas from competitors but with better founctions and optimisations, many useful and postive change and stop unfair game play that we had experinced those problems with some old school zombie plague servers. The result is, better game play and fun fluent and countinous game play style. This server uses default player skin only the exception Nemesis has a different skin (with red glow and aurora) and looks more scare (Dragon) this name first time used with “Alien 3” movie (http://alienanthology.wikia.com/wiki/The_Dragon), even it has a sound track for releated part, sometimes be active female models for all players, actually why we love blonde girls… Eid time models turn to defult.

counter strike 1.6 zombie plague server, classic zombie model skin
Counter strike 1.6 zombie plague server Specials

– Known and different new extra items
– Ingame events (less but nice cs 1.6 zombie plague server events)
– Best cs 1.6 zombie server game balance
– Some unstandart game mods
– Less but better Skins (Also female player models be active time to time)
– Simple game style (we do not like make to game-play harder like laser)
– Free VIP system (This free one depends server conditions)
– Team and game balance
– New Year Events and the other events (Santa man hat, and santa girls, snowing ambiance also, “eid times” some extra events present)
– Admin events
– Reward ammo system, with special mods, if player kill the uniq units like nemesis or survivor win extra ammo.
Lets take a look Details

CS 1.6 Zombie plague Server Items

*Jetpack and bazooka (latest fixed plugin)
*VIP Gunz
*Force Shield (Field) Allows to to human team a protected area that zombies never enter or can touch it also push back zombies from air “Tramboline Jump”
*Golden Ak47 and deagle, kill zombies faster with multi damage (3X)
*Antidote bomb (Defensive item) This item for taktical use at the critical moments if the situation hopelss and many zombies invided the map turn them to human with one antidote.
*Immunity, another defensive item that it gives you 15 seconds untouchable person, you can feel God Like and calculate that short time good, own some extra time kill more zombies or use antidote bomb.
*The other items most standart that already present with main zombie plague 4.3 addon plugin.

Zombie Server Achivements
*Free ammo (time ammo every 15 minutes who plays more takes more free)
*Present boxes (gifts) unnoticable on the map, random gift boxes collect them and take some extras like item or ammo.
*Ammo and Frag leader Anouncement (who ever leader or has most ammo, server shows his nick with chat message)

Here a special action moment just begining of the round, hard to deal with nemesis team not to easy, they are strong and fast, survivors must move a secure place and where is the defend more easy.


Zombie Plague Server Events

We have several events with “World War Z” zombie plague server, so you earn many rewards, gift and ammo and in the game money is = ammo (like bitcoin payment system) and you can buy the ingame items that many good alternatives present some extra strong guns and an tactical items or defensive items for example, some item combination  immunity golden AK-47 and finalise with “anti dote bomb”  this is your chooice. We do not use amm0 save system like bank and use you ammo (money) in the gime time strogly recommended.

Here you can see gift boxes (present box) with details, players like to collect them with colorful auroa they are more attractive.
counter strike zombie plague server items gift boxes

  • Gift bobxes event, one of our important special item and they renew every round start, it gives uniq guns, free ammo, free health (HP) or anti-dote (for zombie team) and more suprise things.
  • Time ammo, this is only for regular players that who stay and play during map timerates rise every 15 minutes and almost end of map time you will have good amount of ammo, you can spend how you would like.

What is With Us cs 1.6 Zombie Server Mod Gameplay 

what is special with us, i think after many years, experinced what is good things and also bad things applied many optimisations to game plugins also made change for configs, so  everything for better gameplay and fun, here is main idea got experince from old times faults and ideas from other servers, mixed and added them some new changes and optimisations and applied to our server. If a server has good idea we used it and if possible to made it better, applied a change and developed, already same rules applied for 3th party plugins, if possible develop it for better usage. Block unfair gameplay and more fluent style here is our target, this is a team-game not for a personal fun,  instead of “one man show” this server style managed for “stick to gether team” and “defend together” zombies are strong they have more healt and some of them faster than humans so you have one chooice that defend yourself with team.

Main point of our zombie server that it is why uniq

Simple style always best, i know and play cs 1.6 zombie mod from 10 years (about year 2007) never liked bio mod and i have seen first plague servers, sure this mod playable than biohazard but at the first times, nothing special or many good plugins was not present like nowadays,  even classic pro public maps was used for pluge mod like “de_dust 2” no need to be genious after some time, better server managers created good servers with better style, long tunels, sentries movement blockers, and the other time steal applcations. some years ago counter strike 1.6 was first multiplayer game almost all “home computer users” and there is no alternative game was present, this most known game by young kids, by the way they see somewhere else at the internet caffes or seen in the their friends, this was the first game that install a new pc or after fresh pc-format, so first servers never live player problem but after sometime they noticed some servers bad and some others better. Some cosmetic touch and ambiant good idea but like everything if something unnecessary more it is useless. I like open area  “counter stirke 1.6 zombie plague mod maps” i like real chalange and competition that what i want a zombie server that should have this game play style. Less unfair game and boring moments and do not allow “easy money boys” and script kiddies.

About Counter Strike 1.6 Z0mbie Plague Server Gameplay With Details

When new map opens, game start with first round countdown (10-15) seconds and game mod starts, at the this sequence players wait for game mod, standart zombie plague server has 1 classic and 3 other mods, lets analyse them.

Classic starts with sigle infection, this basic start for game, system choose some one and turn him/her to zombie from human team and infection period start. Rules are simple stay far from zombie and fire to it, use knock back power and protect yourself, if human team can kill first zombie without any casualty, round restart. If a zombie infect some one “need simple touch only” i call for this **ebel gameplay** so game turn a chalange if zombie count rise to there is many zombi , human team moves to small tunels and secure points, and if one last human  stays alive during round time, it calls human team win, if zombies kill the last human, zombies win and own “the human world ” so to earth. Why i am calling for this style game play as ebel game cause of it needs only one simple touch for infection and 2 zombies mostly be enough for outbreak.

Multi infection, this is not a known plague but it gives more chance to zombie team to succesful, more than one zombie mean, usually some ones starts round to be infected and could be bear you and turn you to zombie or infection spread our more faster.

Zombie Plague Mod, syandart plague know only with one nemesis and one survivor but i made change in the game config, when plague start in the our server that mean there is 6 nemesis and 12 survivors fighting eachother and runing-moving somewhere this mission usually turns to try to be alive cause nesis a strong unit, jumps higher and run faster and  one touch mean death for simple human player and 100 point damage fur survivor, sure also survivor a strong unit but not like nemesis, survivor power comes from its gun, minigun (short code M249 minigun) at the a small hole or gate 2-3  survivors can stop 1 nemesis or 2, this mod too popular with our zombie server  and players love much but need minimum player count that so mod can start.

Nemesis mod, strongest unit and class, too danger and has understand nothing about joke his duty is kill them all and win everything, if nemesis win before the round time takes extra reward and bonus, even kill all human team gives enough fun and make them scray to.