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Counter Strike 1.6 Download, CS 1.6 Download, CS 1.6 Servers

CS 1.6 Download Here you found  Counter Strike cs 1.6 setup.exe download link, no fake like most web site just, real http link with fast cs 1.6 download, we dont have any torrent file or magnet link this is the most secure way whoever search for csdownload, official Rebel Uprising Clan version, it made and repack by ZogisT, support both p47 and 48 protocols,  compatible with all non steam servers, until now downloaded thousands time and you can use securly.  It come with complete maps and also most fun mod files, models and skins, half life and hlds included and  MasterServers.vdf comes default. If you want alternative version counter strike, visit our forum and  Counter Strike  1.6 download with BOTS The other alternative version counter strike 1.6 with bots, it comes with CSDM addons, deatmatch mod might be better than the standart version counter strike 1.6, because you dont wait after dead, good practice way vs bots that who start to play cs 1.6 first time, well known classic maps already has potbot waypoints also i have been added some extra, if you have future plans and own your servers, already you find amx mod x and dproto, my advice first strat to add some basic plugins for test, especially gungame mod more easy and simple than other counter strike 1.6 game mod when i was started to test some plugins i tried for gungame server and next step had been zombie plague mod but zombie mod for me most difficut, my advice again start with parachute plugin or wpn-minigun, here link  and dont forget this version only for practice, you need to more study for some fix and security problems. What is the benefit of  clan base version counter strike 1.6, firstly trustable and clean, cause our versions downloaded until now thousands times and many players using it without problem (first release year 2011) time to time we release new versions and fixing it with new updates and files, it was created with orginal cs 1.6 v7.0  (steam rip orginal version) and integreted v23 non steam patch so no need to search for 2 different links and try to download and install two jobs. We share only one single setup also alternative cs 1.6 versions with setup or installed ziped (archive) alternatives whoever demand more options for game play also develop him for game server creation can choose releated game download. We release only with bots version with rar archive, game would be ready after unrar, that depend what you demand only a simple player or also server management and plugin tester. Extra maps and mods, with our releases you find many different extra maps, other standart setups come with default maps , may be most servers has fast-download option but wait for every map also if player likes to play different mods wait for download can be boring and time lost, also with this way players do not live duplicated map problem cause some maps have same name but they can be different so when player try to connect a server can get connection error like, client side has different map than server. By the way if you want to choose to play in the our servers you … Continue reading

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